Touring Brisbanez and Fortitude Valley

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Australia is one of the world’s remotest and fascinating countries. Also, there is no doubt that it is one of the most developed nations in the world. It is rich in wildlife, has plenty of natural wonders, dazzling beaches, and prides itself also of its metropolitan metropolises. These are just a few phenomenon that make this country the ultimate travel destination for most people. Australia matches every budget, taste, interest, and age, and what’s more, it delivers unique experiences that you can hardly find anywhere in the world. People touring this nation enjoy amazing sightseeing, aquatic ventures as well as a fabulous land. Anything that you have ever dreamt of doing during your vacation, you can find it here.

The good thing is that today, if you want to visit this nation for your vacation, yet you lack a visa, you don’t have to book it through the traditional way. You can book your tourist visa online. There are sites such as where you can acquire your visa from, in a few convenient ways.

Requirements To Get A Tourist Visa for Australia

The agency will take care of your online visa application without having to visit offices or consult the Australian Government websites. You even do not have to solicit for passport stamps. What will be required by is your valid and suitable passport, your credit card, you need to have a mailbox, and you should be free from tuberculosis. The website also recommends that you should not have a criminal record or have been convicted at least for the past 12 months, and finally, you should be coming from outside Australia.


About Brisbane and Fortitude

Among the places that most tourists love touring, Fortitude Valley and Brisbane are among the most visited each year. Fortitude Valley is found only 2 kilometers, which is equivalent to 1.2 miles, northeast of Brisbane city centre. In fact you can trek from Fortitude Valley to Brunswick Street, a distance that will roughly take you 25 minutes. Brisbane city centre is one of the safest cities in Australia, be it during the day or at night.

Fortitude Valley is also referred to as The Valley, and it is a suburb of central Brisbane which is the capital city of Queensland, Australia. Fortitude valley lies northeast of Brisbane CBD. Brisbane’s central business district is a famous nightlife attraction and is endowed with bars, nightclubs, art spaces, live music institutions, award-winning eateries, and adult entertainment. By the 2016 census, Fortitude valley had a population of 6,978. Back in the day, the 50s Fortitude Valley was the largest shopping district outside a CBD in Australia.

Explore The City’s Suburbs When Touring Brisbane And Fortitude Valley

One of the inner city suburbs of Brisbane is an enclaved of tree-line streets and elaborate raised Queenslander houses. It is only about 5 minutes drive from the city center. Next to New Farm Cinema, there is a sweet spot of a New Farm, which on its one side, there is the New Farm Confectionery which serves sugary treats such as Belgian chocolate-coated honeycomb and homemade nougat. Right next door, you will smell the buttery smells oozing from the Parisian-style boulangerie ovens.

South Bank

South Bank is a vibrant buzzing zone along the south riverbank, Brisbane. It is only about 10 minutes walk across Victoria Bridge. Most international tourists must visit South Bank whenever they are in Brisbane and Fortitude for a taste of the sun-loving city.

Sherwood Arboretum

On the far side of the Walter Taylor Bridge is rarely visited by either the locals or the tourists. However, Sherwood and Graceville remain to be the most attractive areas in the whole city. They are endowed with striking, colonial-era real estate as well as a calm and isolated ambiance. The Sherwood Arboretum is also seldom visited, and this, therefore, makes it a charming spot to ramble, sit on the banks of the stretch of Brisbane River or better still enjoy your picnic here.

Davies park Markets

Davies Park is also called West End Markets, and every Saturday morning, the park is turned into all manner of peddlers and pushers making it become the best market of its style in the city. The park is presented with a row of gigantic fig trees. It offers an excellent opportunity for people to watch on the main stomping ground, of the alternative West End locals.


Paddington is a popular neighborhood found on the hill north of the town with an exquisite view that overlooks the city. Also, this is a 10 minutes drive from the city center. This neighborhood is one of the oldest suburbs in the area and boasts of beautiful tree-lined streets as well as plenty of heritage buildings. There is also a lot of café and boutiques in this neighborhood.


While most people still think that Bulimba is Teneriffe, you will be shocked to find quite a diverse group of people living here. You might have seen trendy farms in other places in Australia, but you have not seen it all until you reach Bulimba. During weekends, Bulimba is full of young couples with children, well dressed to sit in the park. If what moves you is innovation, and you are young and professional, then this is the place you need to visit or even live, near Brisbane and Fortitude Valley. Most tourists who tour Brisbane and Fortitude have loved this place, and within no time, they earn and acquire a house there.


Redcliffe is yet another fascinating suburb of Brisbane and Fortitude that is found out in Moreton Bay Shire. This is an original settlement which was quickly set aside for a better settlement on the Brisbane’s river banks. Sixty years down the line, the river banks were again re-established as a sea-side resort town, and it is the same until today. Redcliffe has over time seen wealthier people moving in there, making it more gentrified. Even the Jetty Café that sits there has these days also transformed from a mere fish and chip shop into an excellent café. If you need to have the time of your life over the weekend, this is the best place to be as it gets alive with its shops and Sunday markets.

People come to Redcliffe for not just one but three main activities which comprise of the Redcliffe beach. Other people, however, prefer swimming at Sutton’s beach while others still go swimming in the artificial lagoon. If you are adventurous and kite surfing is your thing, or sky diving and kayaking, the Redcliffe is your destination of choice. You can also enjoy a relaxed walk or cycling around the seashore. Redcliffe gives you that opportunity.

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There are a lot of things to do here; if you weren’t dabbling in the arts at the culture zone, you probably would be getting a look over Brisbane on Mt Coot-Tha only 15 minutes from the CBD. Or, if you won’t be driving the Nerang–Murwillumbah Road, you would be in the local history City Hall and Museum. Whatever the case, this is the best place to tour, and is where everything starts. You will get your tourist visa to Australia without breaking a sweat.

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